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      ABC Consulting / Mark Wright
  Cost Effective Bred Cows and Pairs
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      Beefmaster Bull Sale - "Beef on Forage"
  Beefmaster Beef "On" Forage Bull Sale offers performance tested, forage developed Beefmaster bulls as heavy meat type commercial bulls and herd sire prospects.
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      CattleCo - Internet Livestock Market
  Internet Livestock Market "CattleCo" provides online real time bidding from any sale location. CattleCo has auction and private treaty marketing and promotion programs for all agribusiness...
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  Online cattle marketing. Quality beef cattle will be represented by honest agents. Buyers can view and bid online and sellers get vast exposure.
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      Duarte Sales
  Northern California equipment sales, auction preparation, promotion, management, set-up and settlement.
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      Longhorn Sale Pen
  An online bulletin board for selling registered Texas Longhorns. Find cattle and breeders in your area with one click of the mouse!
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      Midwest Cattle Services
  Sales Management/Ring Work/Catalogs.
            (Visits through this link: 568 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-20-2005)

      Outfront Cattle Service
  Outfront Cattle Service offers full service cattle sale management. Specializing in Professional Charolais Sales Management.
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