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      3C Cattle Company
  Angus ranch located near Claude, Texas.
            (Visits through this link: 570 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 03-24-2005)

      3H Ranch
  3H Ranch is a Texas Angus Cattle Ranch in Minden Texas involved in all aspects of Angus cattle breeding and constantly striving to improve Angus beef production through bovine genetics.
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      A & B Cattle
  The goal remains the same for the year 2001 as in the past decade: to raise moderate frame cattle with superior early growth and performance while maintaining moderate birth weights.
            (Visits through this link: 567 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 03-24-2005)

      A & J Angus Farms
  Angus breeding
            (Visits through this link: 592 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 03-24-2005)

      AA Angus
  Breeders of Angus cattle in Cowtown, Colorado.
            (Visits through this link: 510 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 03-24-2005)

      Alderhurst Angus
  Breeder of Angus cattle in the Pacific Northwest. Located in Snohomish, Washington.
            (Visits through this link: 504 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 03-24-2005)

      Bar J Ranch
  Offering proven Angus cattle genetics through AI, embryo transfer and carcass data collection. Located in Brooten, MN.
            (Visits through this link: 531 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 03-24-2005)

  Red and Black Angus Genetics. Located in Alberta, Canada
            (Visits through this link: 561 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 03-24-2005)

      Bonnieview Ranch
  A ranch breeding registered purebred Black Angus cattle. Offering performance embryos, semen, cows, heifers, bulls, commercial bulls, and flushes. Located in Central Oregon.
            (Visits through this link: 683 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 03-24-2005)

      Double Diamond Ranch
  Double Diamond Ranch features Angus and Red Angus cattle We also feature AQHA horses that are bred to perform both in the arena and the show ring. Check out our website to see whats happening.
            (Visits through this link: 519 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 03-24-2005)
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