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      Bazadaise Australia
  The Bazadaise ( Baz-A-Day ) is a French beef breed originating in the small town of Bazas, some 60km south of Bordeaux, from which its name is derived.
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      British Bazadaise Cattle Society
  Promoting the Bazadaise breed of cattle in the United Kingdom. Offering information about the breed including the breed history, breed characteristics, and calving information.
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      Garbrook Bazadais
  The home of Quality Bazadais Beef Cattle. Champion show stock at Beef 97, Beef2000, Sydney Royal Easter Show, Brisbane Royal Exhibition. Cattle, Embryos, Semen for Sale.
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      J.R. Smith & Son
  Breeders of Bazadais Cattle. Offering a number of pedigree bulls for sale and Bazadais/Friesian suckler cows and calves. Located in The United Kingdom.
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      LindenBrook Pastoral Co.
  Breeders of Bazadais cattle offering licensed semen, embryos and working age bulls and heifers for sale. Located in Victoria, Australia.
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