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      Bittersweet Farms
  Bittersweet Farms has a growing selection of both Black Angus and Black Belted Galloway cattle being offered for sale. Our goal at Bittersweet Farms is to raise quality bulls and heifers.
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      Braecroft Farm
  Registered Belted Galloway cattle on a small family farm located near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
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      Caldwell Farms
  Dr. Michael and Lorna Caldwell of Caldwell Farms in Milladore, Wisconsin made the leap from Smallholder to Big Herd Owners when an acquired herd doubled in numbers almost overnight.
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      Geers Farms
  Offering registered Belgian horses and registered Belted Galloway beef cattle for sale at all times. Located in McBain, Michigan, USA.
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      Pine Valley Farm
  Breeders of Registered Galloway Cattle and Shetland Sheep. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Nelson County, VA.
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