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      Avonlea Genetics Inc.
  Breeders of purebred Jersey cattle since 1934 - third generation family farm. Offering cattle, embryos and semen. Located in Brighton, Ontario, Canada
            (Visits through this link: 257 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 06-29-2005)

      Avonteur - Le Feuvre & Le Quesne family information, plus uptodate news on Island Jerseys & latest Jersey Island cow pictures. Comprehensive directory of Jersey cattle herds throughout the world.
            (Visits through this link: 219 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 06-29-2005)

      Billings Farm and Museum of Woodstock...
  A living museum of Vermont's rural past and a working dairy farm - still one of the best Jersey cattle farms in America.
            (Visits through this link: 214 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 06-29-2005)

      Brentwood Farms
  Dairy operation specializing utilizing Jersey cattle -- AI services and embryos available. Located in Orland, California.
            (Visits through this link: 300 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 06-29-2005)

      Dincwd Pedigree Jerseys
  Visit our Jersey dairy herd at their home in Devon, UK. Information about a pedigreed Jersey dairy herd, plus links to other cattle sites.
            (Visits through this link: 227 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 06-29-2005)

      Glenholme Jerseys
  Purebred Jersey breeders since 1937 in Bolton, Ontario. Superior genetics available.
            (Visits through this link: 244 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 06-29-2005)

      Goodnow Jersey Farm
  A small Jersey dairy farm in Turner, Maine, USA with a barn full of bred heifers for sale.
            (Visits through this link: 264 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 06-29-2005)

      Greenridge Jerseys
  Breeders in Snohomish, Washington, USA, specializing in Jersey cattle bred for lots of milk from large framed cows. Stock and embryos available.
            (Visits through this link: 240 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 06-29-2005)

      Huffard Dairy Farm
  Breeders of Jersey cattle since 1929. Located in southwest Virginia, USA.
            (Visits through this link: 250 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 06-29-2005)

      Jersey Canada
  Promotional association for the Jersey cattle in Canada.
            (Visits through this link: 204 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 06-29-2005)
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