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      A Splash Of Color Longhorns
  Proudly breeding TRADITIONAL Texas LONGhorn cattle. Texas Longhorns are the perfect cattle for weekend ranchers becasue of their low maintenance...
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      Assad Texas Longhorn Cattle Co.
  Breeder of registered Texas Longhorn cattle with pictures and pedigrees of bulls and cows. Located just north of Chappell Hill, Texas, USA.
            (Visits through this link: 253 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-08-2005)

      Bar 30 Ranch
  Offering registered Texas Longhorn cattle. Located in Palmer, Texas, USA.
            (Visits through this link: 279 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-08-2005)

      Bar J L Ranch
  Great cattle for sale at all times.
            (Visits through this link: 223 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-08-2005)

      Bar L Cattle Company
  The Bar L Cattle Company is a quality breeder of Texas Longhorn Cattle located in Brenham Texas. Home of J.R. Seman, one of the premier Herd Sires in the breed.
            (Visits through this link: 239 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-08-2005)

      Beck Cattle Company
  Texas Longhorn cattle breeder with offices in Texas, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, USA.
            (Visits through this link: 214 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-08-2005)

      Bella Rio Ranch
            (Visits through this link: 215 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-08-2005)

      Blue Mountain Longhorns
  Quality Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle in SE Oklahoma.
            (Visits through this link: 238 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-08-2005)

      Bluebird Ridge Longhorns
  Selling gentle, high-quality, colorful cattle with LONG horns and very marketable pedigrees.
            (Visits through this link: 243 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-08-2005)

      Box Z Ranch
  We are not the biggest ranch nor are we the fanciest but our goal is to be the very best. Registered Texas Longhorns in South Central Texas.
            (Visits through this link: 229 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-08-2005)
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