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      California Cattlemen's Association
  The California Cattlemens Association (CCA), headquartered in Sacramento, California, was founded in 1917 to represent the states beef cattle industry in legislative and regulatory...
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      California Shorthorn Breeders...
  The homepage of the California Shorthorn Breeders Association.
            (Visits through this link: 229 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-20-2005)

      Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society
  Milking Shorthorn association in Canada
            (Visits through this link: 235 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 02-07-2006)

      Carolinas Brahman Breeders Association
  North and South Carolina Brahman Breeders Association.
            (Visits through this link: 235 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-20-2005)

      Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Registry
  The Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Registry is dedicated to preserving seed-stock Texas Longhorns, to perpetuate the true Texas Longhorn as a distinct and unique breed...
            (Visits through this link: 219 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-20-2005)

      Central Virginia Cattlemen Association
  An association formed to promote, and improve livestock production, education, and marketing of beef cattle.
            (Visits through this link: 288 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-20-2005)

      Charolais Association of Texas
  The Charolais Association of Texas is an affiliate organization of AICA serving the needs and general membership of Charolais fanciers in the state of Texas.
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      Chengwatana Riders Saddle Club
  Saddle Club does horse shows, tack swaps, trail rides, supports Health Directed Riding - will be linked with their web page when it is launched in March.
            (Visits through this link: 200 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-20-2005)

      Cormo Sheep Conservation Registry, Inc.
  The Cormo Sheep Conservation Registry, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the Cormo breed in the U.S.A...
            (Visits through this link: 184 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-20-2005)

      Florida Cattlemen's Association
            (Visits through this link: 238 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-20-2005)
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