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      Iowa Red Angus Association
  Online home of the Iowa Red Angus Association. Stop in and give us a visit.
            (Visits through this link: 231 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-20-2005)

      Jersey Canada
  The homepage of Jersey Canada, the national association for Canada's Jersey breeders.
            (Visits through this link: 220 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 02-07-2006)

      Kansas Angus Association
  "The official website of the Kansas Angus Association is designed to facilitate communication between KAA members and other cattle producers while promoting Kansas Angus..."
            (Visits through this link: 269 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-20-2005)

      Kansas Limousin Breeders Association Web
  Up to date information about the Limousin Breed in Kansas.
            (Visits through this link: 247 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-20-2005)

            (Visits through this link: 229 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-20-2005)

  Beef association is a producer managed source of beef cattle genetics, supervised by University of MO faculty.
            (Visits through this link: 246 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-20-2005)

      Michigan Polled Hereford Association
  An association to promote the interests of the Polled Hereford breed and its breeders.
            (Visits through this link: 271 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-20-2005)

      Mid Atlantic Limousin Association
  An Association of the Pennsylvania Limousin Breeders Association and the Virginia Limousin Breeders Association.
            (Visits through this link: 217 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-20-2005)

      Mid-America Romagnola Association
  Romagnola breeders, cattle for sale, information, breed history, and more!
            (Visits through this link: 236 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-20-2005)

      Murray Grey International, Inc.
  Murray Grey Breeders around the world united in their goal of promoting this wonderful breed of cattle...
            (Visits through this link: 214 --- Linked here since (year/month/day): 07-20-2005)
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